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Features And Working Principle Of Disc Top Cap

Disc Top Cap is a cover that is connected to the container through a structure such as a claw or a buckle. It is usually called a snap cover. The design of the snap cover is based on the high toughness of the plastic itself, especially PP/PE. Give full play to the advantages of the claw-shaped structure. During the installation process, when the ratchet structure of the bottle mouth is pressed and pulled up, the jaws of the buckle will be deformed for a short time, and then under the action of the elasticity of the material itself, the jaws will quickly return to their original shape and tighten. Holding the container mouth tightly so the lid can be fastened to the container, this efficient connection method is especially favored in industrial mass production.

Features of Disc Top Cap:

1. Secure the lid to the container mouth by pressing.

2. Easy installation and low manufacturing cost.

3. It is a good choice for low-cost packaging of fast-moving consumer goods.

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